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Eco Tan – Contributing To A Toxic-Free Present And Future

The rate at which the environment is getting polluted and depleted is alarming. Natural resources are getting depleted and industrialization is causing the release of harmful substances to the environment. This includes emission of gases into the air and effluents into rivers. The consequences of the continuation of such activities are dire. Deliberate efforts need to be made to reverse this condition.

In Australia, a toxic-free campaign has been championed by Safe Cosmetics Australia. This company advocates for the production of safe toxic-free products. In line with this, Eco Tan is a company that cares both for your needs and for the environment. For this reason it has ensured that its products are beneficial to you and that they do not harm the environment. This has been achieved through several ways.


The first consideration that is made by Eco Tan is to make products that are healthy. This means that they promote the overall good health of the users. This is achieved primarily through using ingredients that are organic. Organic products are safe for human use since they do not contain manufactured components which contain chemicals.

If you look into the meaning of organic, you realize that it encompasses chemical-free farming. This is also known as natural farming. That means that the components of Eco Tan products are grown naturally. That is the extent to which Eco Tan cares about the environment. It does not just stop at the end product, but also in the process of growing these ingredients.


Another way through which many companies have lost their credibility in the recent years is by testing their products on animals. Caring for the environment means safeguarding the welfare of animals and not using them carelessly. One way to avoid animal-testing is by using natural or organic products.

Eco Tan products do not need to be animal tested because they are not harmful in any way. The natural ingredients are safe for human consumption and they do not have any chemical additions.


When we talk of environment friendliness, there are several perspectives that could be involved. The air, water and land are some components of the environment that you can consider.

First of all, chemical cosmetics contain substances that could be detrimental to your health and the environment too. Using them releases these chemicals to the environment. In addition to this, upon disposal, the environment is also put at risk. As such, they are harmful to the environment, not only during manufacture but also during use and even after use. Eco Tan, aware of this has created products that do not harm the environment in any way.

Eco Tan Products

It is not impossible to come up with products that meet all the three criteria mentioned above. In fact Eco Tan has received certification from the Organic Food Chain Australia, Safe Cosmetics Australia and Choose Cruelty Free. This makes our products the perfect choice for you.

Eco Tan products range from natural sunscreens, firming mousses, body milk, deodorants and face tan water, among others, all manufactured with you in mind. Go ahead and try one of them and enjoy the exquisite body care which does no harm to the environment. Choose Eco Tan for a toxic-free environment now and in the future.